Self-Defense Tools That Could Save Your Life

In today’s scary world, it is vital that you be prepared for various situations — especially self defense. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to equip yourself like Rambo. Instead, there are some smaller, more manageable and ordinary tools that you should have with you, at all times, for your own self-defense.

First and foremost, you need a cell phone. Imagine yourself on a dark, lonely road with car trouble in the middle of the night. Imagine being locked in the trunk of a car. You could use a cell phone to summon help. Be smart and hide it on your person — don’t let any would-be attackers know that you have it. You might look at the Samsung Galaxy S7, Pink Gold 32GB.

Carry a folding knife like the Best Selling 4+Stars Kershaw 1990 Brawler Speedsafe Folding Knife. Some will tell you to keep it where you can use it for self-defense. While this may be a good idea, it turns into a very bad idea if you aren’t strong enough to keep your attacker from taking it away from you. Instead, put it in your back pocket, where you could reach it in the event that your hands are tied behind you to cut through bindings. Keep it sharp.

Keep a small flashlight such as the 4+ Star Super Bright 9 LED Mini Aluminum Flashlight with Lanyard on your key ring. Criminals hate light, and if you have one, and you shine it on them, you may just prevent an attack. It will also aid you when you are entering dark areas, where there is no light switch to flick. You can shine the light in the dark area to see if it is safe to be in.

If you walk a great deal, carry a walking stick or a cane like the Walking Cane Four joints Ultra Light Hiking Trekking Adjustable Stick Cane — even if you don’t need it. It makes a great weapon.

Also consider carrying Mace Brand Pepper Spray Personal Defense Spray. With these types of tools, however, remember that they do you absolutely no good at the bottom of your purse. Keep them in your hand.

Also, carry a small notepad and pen. This is useful if you need to write down descriptions of people or license plate numbers. You can carry some of these tools in a fanny pack that goes around your waist easily. The worst thing that you can do is to find yourself in a bad situation, with nothing but your wits between you and your attacker!

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