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Taking Guess Who to the next level

By Joe Moore on September 6, 2002
We all know that Guess Who is a great, simple kids game but few realise the staggering genius of this little wonder. Honestly people, try this more complex version of the game just once and you’ll be hooked.
We discovered the mystical powers that this game possesses while lazing away in a small fishing village in brasil, though we’ve found a room in London to be just as good a venue. To unlock it’s secret, carefully follow these steps…….
Instead of choosing one character, choose 3.
Only ask questions that start with ‘do any of your characters have…’ or ‘do most of your characters have..’. ‘Any can mean one, two or three characters have that physical feature; most can mean two or three. By piecing together the clues, characters can slowly be eliminated. All 3 characters must be guessed correctly at the same time to win the game.
The games should last about 10 minutes, so they’re perfect for any time or state you may be in!
Other little rules can be added, such as each player can refuse to answer one question about his characters per game!
Tell as many people that you can about this game, it’s a phenomenon waiting to happen.
Happy Guess Whoing. Thanks to my creative consultants Pedros and Jazzy

Guess WhoA wonderful blend of deduction with a form of 20 Questions. Two players try to deduce the identity of their opponent’s “Mystery Person.” Using game boards with 48 frames apiece and an equal number of cards displaying character faces, players ask one another yes or no questions that help narrow the pool of possibilities. Through process of elimination, the identity of the Mystery Person slowly becomes evident. As kids’ skill levels grow, their questions become more strategic, allowing them to solve the mystery faster and faster. The faces on the cards are cheerful and clever and designed to give subgroups among the 48 characters just enough similarities to challenge players. –Tom Keogh


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