Omron 10 Series Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Wide-Range ComFit Cuff (BP786)

The Omron 10 Series plus Bluetooth Smart home blood pressure monitor has all the features of our 10 Series monitor. Plus with Bluetooth Smart, you can wirelessly connect to your online dashboard for a digital record of your blood pressure readings. That way it’s easier for your to track your progress and take the right steps to manage your heart.

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  • No. 1 doctor and pharmacist recommended home blood pressure monitor
  • Manage and track your last 200 readings on your smartphone, compatible with Apple iPhone® 4S & higher, iPad®3 & higher, iPad® Mini; iOS 7+, Samsung Galaxy S® III & higher; Android(TM) OS 4.3+
  • Feel empowered by accuracy with exclusive TruRead technology that automatically takes three consecutive readings one minute apart and calculates the average
  • Easy-to-read screen features a backlight, extra large digits and multi-colored indicator lights that show how your reading compares to normal home blood pressure levels
  • Comfortable and simple to adjust, the pre-formed ComFit Cuff inflates around the entire arm to avoid incorrect cuff positioning ensuring a precise reading and expandable cuff fits medium and large arms
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By Tracey Taylor on October 14, 2014

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Got this for my husband … below is his review –

Just got this device today – so this is early impressions: I got this monitor as it came highly recommended for accuracy. Even though I really wanted to have a ‘new’ iDevice like product that is now being produced by a few other manufacturers. Having a great app/website to help track daily information is a great selling point. Monitoring a person’s health is hard enough, make it easier by automating the record keeping!

Device itself – couldn’t be easier to operate. Right out of the box, plug in the cuff, plug it in, set the date and time, and hit start. Pretty easy. Quick start instructions were very clear on how to position the cuff, etc. The device seems made to last – really heavy duty build. I have it sitting on my desk in my home office – where I spend most of my day. It doesn’t look too out of place among all the other items I have on my desk (sort of a neat freak..) I do detach the cuff and put that in a drawer.

The is the first bp monitor I’ve bought, so I have high expectations but not a lot of experience with them. It’s much more accurate than the device that was used on me during a recent health screening. The readings on the Omron are in line with some of the readings I’ve gotten from bp monitors I’ve used in various places.

Side benefit – takes and records your heart rate too! Nice! I’ve been using an app for this. Now I can capture all the information in one go!

Bells & whistles – okay, now onto the bells and whistles: I use an iPhone 5 and the app, as of today, is very simple to setup. The app will allow you to create an account with Omronwellness, ask you if you are User 1 or 2 on the device, and automatically start uploading data.Read more ›


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