Ghost Stories White Moon Expansion

Ghost Stories: White Moon ExpansionClick Image for Pricing

Ghost Stories is easily one of my favorite games. I really enjoy the challenge, team work, strategy, and the constant feeling of being overwhelmed. The White Moon expansion adds another great puzzle mechanic to the game that can cause some serious decision making amongst the group or even solo. Before buying the expansion I was expecting it to make the game slightly easier. Solo play seems a bit easier with the expansion, but 3 and 4 players is still very challenging. I haven’t tried 2 players yet, but I’d imagine it’s just as hard as it is in the base game. I think once you figure out a good strategy for White Moon, that the game can be slightly easier than the base game. But I’m having fun trying to figure that strategy out with my friends.

Only negative thing about the game is how many pieces there are now to sort and set up. It can look very intimidating with all the small pieces everywhere on the table.


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