Cambridge Silversmiths Blossom Sand 20-Piece Flatware Set

The freeman family has been in the tabletop and accessories business since 1956. that was the year when Charles freeman founded Stanley Roberts Inc. later, in 1990’s, the family sold the business to its partners and roger freeman launched Cambridge silversmiths ltd. in short time, Cambridge has become the leading flatware source for almost every major retailer. the company markets over 250 different flatware designs in every price range

Cambridge Silversmiths Blossom Sand 20-Piece Flatware Set

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By KzooFamily6 on February 11, 2014

Style Name: SwirlColor: Brushed
We have had this silverware/flatware set for well over 4 years. It has held up great. I love that the handles are not heavy. We had another set that had heavy handles and the spoons would flop out of bowls. The set is a really good quality. We have had them for 3 years without a dishwasher, having to soak and handwash, and now have a dishwasher, and they do great. We are just now noticing the fork prongs are bending a tad bit on some, but with a family of 6, and using them for well over 4 years, I feel they are definitely worth the price. I’m not sure why the other reviewer felt that they were huge. They are just a tad bit bigger than the other set I had, but I actually really love that! All in all, a really nice durable set for a really great price. The knives cut just as well as my sharp butcher block knives, which I LOVE. It’s so hard to find knives that actually cut like they are suppose to. The design is classy but nothing overboard. We are purchasing two more sets!
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Style Name: GalleonColor: Brushed Verified Purchase

It’s a bit hard to buy housewares online, because you can’t see, hold and compare them. I have bought several (in person and online) low-cost tableware sets. (You know the drill- dorms, summer homes, campers, new apartment, starter-apartments where you want a nice full set, but before you get the ‘real’ $1000 one you probably end up never getting anyway- and here- also multiple low cost sets for small catering- parties or so on where even ‘silver-like’ plastic is just not going to work.) ..)

Cost matters, and disposables add up. BUT- you don’t want to get stuck with flimsy industrial silverware, yet that seems to be your option.

This is sturdy real silverware. The handles have heft, the tines pick up food, the knives cut, the spoons are ergonomic, the handles don’t look at all ‘institutional’- nothing about this feels cheap- and yet the price is so low.

This whole line seems to be surprisingly well made for the cost.

Do yourself a favor- and price out the cost of disposables, or the (often pretty) but separate plastic-handle sets (they tend to be pretty but feel ‘plastic’- the handles come off over time, and the whole multipiece arrangement- sorry, gets grungy fast, harbors bacteria.)

Even if you plan to upgrade, this is really decently made REAL, and very much NOT the ‘pretty pattern, but klunky easily bent’ ‘cafetria /institutional silverware’.

It’s impressive and it will save money, because it will be around for years and people will WANT to use it. It’s cheaper- I priced it, for long term, but also cheaper for even temporary use- dorms, short vacations, small parties, than shiny metal-like plastic.

Best I’ve found, of all sorts of ‘bargain’ options. This is real silverware at a ‘temp/ disposable’ price and is the same or cheaper than ‘low cost’ options otherwise. Bye-by industrial, bye-bye ‘pretty, short term’ and bye bye-bye plastic.

this is a winner.

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