Board Game Go for Broke

Go for Broke- Spend a Million Game (1985 Vintage)

Although this issue of “Go For Broke” probably has a copyright date of, and is being touted as “the classic 1985 game”, it actually dates back much further than that. I recall playing the game as a child back in the 60s, and it was a ripping good time, and I’m sure that the game was not new then, either. Just another example of the younger generation not wanting to realize that life DID actually exist, and things DID actually happen before they were born. But if you’re tired of X-box, and want to try a board game that requires actual thinking, and want to have fun while doing it, this game is for you.

This game is the “anti-Monopoly”, that is, you have to get rid of a million dollars in order to win.

In real life, not a hard thing to do. But in the confines of this game, well…

board game go for broke

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