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DRINK-A-PALOOZA Game: Drinking Games for Adults

Verified Purchase

It is definitely a party starter and every time we play with friends, I get a great response. We have used it for pregames and for special events (like a bachelor party). It combines everyone’s favorite things: board games and drinking games

-The only thing that the game does not come with is a quarter but I just throw one in underneath the game board so that we always have one to play with
-As with all drinking games, I would not play on a nice table. This has nothing to do with the game but is a criticism of how messy drinking games are, especially quarters since you need to bounce one off of the table. Generally wherever you are comfortable playing a drinking game you can play this. You don’t need a huge beer pong table since we just take a few steps back and draw a line where they need to throw from.
DRINK-A-PALOOZA Game-My only complaint about the game is that it does take a very long time (though not nearly as bad as Monopoly). I don’t think we have finished a game with a group of more than 4… However it is still fun and there are easy ways to speed things along like having limits on how many times you can shoot beer pong or quarters (we do 3 per person) then you spin the bottle to see who gets the game bottle and whoever it lands on, even if they weren’t competing in the little game, that’s who gets that new bottle.

All in all I would definitely buy again – Everyone has asked me where I got it from!



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