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Wegiel Chess Set – Consul Chess Pieces and Board – European Wooden Handmade Game

Awesome Chess Set!

By skatastic425 on August 1, 2011

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I would start off by saying that I’m not an avid chess player; I play recreationally with my dad and girlfriend. However, whenever I make a purchase I want my money’s worth, and I want a quality product that will last.

Wegiel Chess SetThis chess set has exceeded my expectations (which were fairly high to begin with). This is a beautiful handcrafted set from Poland, and it is obvious that a lot of attention went into making it. The board has an attractive lacquer finish that gives it a glossy look, and the metal latches that close the board add a nice touch. I feel that this board is the perfect size, too; there is plenty of room so that the pieces are not too close together, yet it fits on my kitchen table. The pieces are quite ornate and unlike any I’ve seen in a set of this price. The pieces also have some weight to them, and while some people may not care about this detail, I enjoy moving pieces that have some weight and will not tip over.

I have a couple minor quibbles with this set. First, the board seems to be a bit thin. I understand that the board needs to be hollow for the pieces to go inside, but I feel as though I need to handle it carefully so it doesn’t break. Second, the tray in which the pieces are stored inside of the folding board is made of a cheap plastic material that is far from durable. It does the job of storing the pieces, but I feel this could’ve been done a better way.

Overall, this set is beautifully crafted and is well worth the price. While the board could’ve been built to be a bit sturdier, I still give it five stars because the board and the pieces are so attractive. That being said, this set is clearly for adults. Don’t let kids use this set, and keep it away from pets. Handle it with care, and you’ll have a beautiful chess set that will certainly last.

King 3.54″(9cm). Queen 3.11″(7.9cm). Pawn 1.77″(4.5cm). Board measures 18.58″W x 18.58″D x 2.36″H(47cmx47cmx6cm). Squares measure 1.85″x1.85″ (4.7cmx4.7cm). Board is made from beech and birch wood. Felt bottom pieces are made from hornbeam and sycamore wood. Chessmen are weighted. Hand crafted in Poland.

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