Black and Decker TROS1000 Space Saver Toaster Oven Reviews


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By Harold E. Timmons on January 16, 2011

Verified Purchase
This toaster oven replaces a B&D toaster that was 15 yrs old and reached the end of a productive life thru my mistake, Not B&D.
I had for months considered replaceing the oven because of its age, I use this every day and did not want to be w/o one. I put off purchase of a new oven after reading all the reviews, scoping out the local stores and other on line stores, nothing seem to please me. Well the old one finally went belly up, I was w/o a toaster oven. Same day as the funeral for it, I sat down and read the reviews again with a grain of salt.
Biggest problems seem to be installation, uneven toasting and lack of adapting to new tecknology. I perused the reviews several time and each time saw obsticles that could be dealt with. I placed my order w/Amazon and recieved my toaster in 2 days.
I unpacked the new one, spread the parts on the table, read the instructions twice and dove into the installation. What a breeze, the only problem, B&D had supplied two sets of screws different lengths. I figured a length not provided would work better for me, a trip to the hardware store fixed that. In 20 min I was toasting and it was uneven, so I just turned the toast a different direction and it was perfect. It did take a few trys to fine tune the biscuits to exactly the way my dear wife likes them, but after a few too light and a few too dark they now suit her to a tee and the results are consistant.
Getting use to new technolgy, so so. A few thigs that would make it better(I thought): inside light, off switch when opened and brighter display. After using now for a month, I have gotten use to the new one and truly believe B&D made all the right decisions.
I would not hesitate to reccomend this to anyone.

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