Biscayne 65 pc. Flatware Set by Gorham

This Biscayne 65-piece Stainless Flatware Set from Gorham is distinguished by hammered handles. On your table, the silverware adds an element of textural beauty. And in your hand, the silverware reveals superb craftsmanship. The set includes twelve 5-piece place settings plus a 5-piece hostess set. Each setting includes a place fork, knife and spoon; salad fork; and teaspoon. The hostess set includes a sugar spoon, butter serving knife, cold meat fork, tablespoon and pierced tablespoon.

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By J C on October 5, 2012

We received this as a gift off of our wedding registry, have been using it for more than a year, and it still looks great

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Love this Flatware set!

By Rebecca S. on October 30, 2012

Verified Purchase

I saw this set in a local department store and liked it. So I did what I almost always do, come home and look for it on Amazon. There it was, the same set for a lower price. Very pleased with the quality of the silverware. It has some heft without being heavy. I have had it for over two months and it still washes up beautifully in the dishwasher. Happy with this purchase.

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By PLB on April 16, 2014

Verified Purchase

I suspect people having issues with rust, etc. may need to check their water or detergents, as the set I have is superb. I bought this set because a friend of mine has had the same set for a number of years (I’m not sure just how long, but at least a couple) and I just loved the style. My friend’s have lost some of their luster, but not a significant amount, and mine have yet to lose at all with a couple machine washings.

I love the styling of this set as it’s significantly classier than a lot of the simple stamped garbage out there, but isn’t too flowery and feminine. The other huge advantage of this set, and what really convinced me to buy it, is the hammered finish. The indentations all over the handle mean that any small marks (like hard water stains, etc) are very hard to see, compared with flat silverware. This means you can take it out of your dishwasher and toss them straight into the silverware drawer without painfully drying and polishing each piece, and they’ll still look great if you have company over.

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By Sandra J MacGurn on November 20, 2013

Verified Purchase

The flatware set is better than expected with a good weight and a great “mouth” feel. The large number of place settings is also a plus, I never run out of forks anymore!

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