3 Common Items to Carry for Self-Defense

When we think in terms of weapons for self-defense, we often think in terms of guns and knives. These are not good choices for self-defense weapons for the most part, because in many areas, it is illegal to carry them, and in many instances, there is a great risk that the weapon will be taken and used against you in the event that you are attacked.

Have you ever noticed that we seldom pay attention to what is in plain sight? Ordinary, everyday objects get little attention from us — and are likely to get little attention from anyone else. Instead of using “traditional” weapons for self-defense, consider using some ordinary items.

Ideally, anything that has weight and/or a point can be used as a weapon. Let’s take a look at three “ordinary” items that could qualify as a weapon.

1. An umbrella — for use as a weapon, the newer, fold-up type umbrellas really don’t work well. You need one of the older-style umbrellas that have a metal point on the end. These are usually larger, and have a cane type handle. An example would be the GustBuster Classic 48-Inch Automatic Golf Umbrella.

2. A purse like the Quilted Classic Single Flap Cross Body Messenger Shoulder Purse with a strap — we’ve always been told that clutch-style purses are safer to carry than strap-style purses, because the straps can be cut and the purse easily stolen. Carry a strap-style purse, with weight in it — but carry it like a clutch, with the strap firmly wrapped around your hand, and the purse hugged close to your body.

3. Keys — As you can imagine, keys won’t do any real damage to anyone if you stabbed with them, but they do considerable damage if you stab in the right place. Hold the key ring in the palm of your hand, with the longest key protruding out from between your index and middle knuckles. If attacked, literally punch with that hand holding those keys in that way. Aim for the eyes or the softest part of the throat, at the bottom of the neck.

As you can see, a weapon doesn’t actually have to serve in its normal capacity as a weapon to be used as one. There are many other “ordinary” items that you can use in your self-defense as well. For best results, make sure that you have more than one with you at all times.

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